Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber's Mom, Talks About Her Famous Son

Posted on September 24, 2012

Nowhere But Up The Story of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, has written a book called, Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom. Bieber wrote the foreward for his mother's book. Pattie was 18 when she gave birth to the future pop star. 18 is the age Bieber is now.

Pattie says, "I look at him, he's my son, he's Justin, not necessarily Justin Bieber the pop star, but he's Justin to me. If he's happy and he's successful in what he's doing, I'm going to be happy for him no matter what."

Pattie says Bieber "doesn't want me in his space so much" now that he has moved out and has his own space. She also said, "He sees himself as a man now."

Pattie also says she hasn't dated in a long time. She says she told Justin that she would wait to start dating until he was 18, so she is free to start dating again now that he is 18 and on his own. Take a look:

Photo: Revell
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