Penelope Cruz Stars in 2013 Campari Calendar

Posted on November 14, 2012

Penelope Cruz in 2013 Campari Calendar

Actress Penelope Cruz is the star of the 2013 Campari calendar. The calendar was shot by fashion photographer Kristian Schuller. The theme of this year's calendar is superstition.

Penelope Cruz said in a statement, "I have really enjoyed starring in the Campari Calendar 2013, I found the superstitious theme extremely intriguing and stimulating. It's been a pleasure to work with such a talented and professional team, particularly Kristian Schuller, the Calendar photographer, since I really admire his work. As an actress I am often challenged to portray the 'unexplainable' and this shoot was no different. We created a character who had to portray a strong, positive attitude, and really get to the heart of each superstition and dispel these myths by promoting confidence. I hope people enjoy the photos as much as we have enjoyed creating them."

There are lots of great photographs in the Campari calendar, including one with Penelope feeding black cats and another where she is hanging a photograph of herself. You can view all the photographs from the calendar here. Take a look:

Penelope Cruz Feeds Black Cats in Campari Calendar

Penelope Cruz Hangs Photograph in Campari Calendar

Photos: Campari
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