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Petco Launches Dr. Seuss Pet Fans Collection

Petco has introduced a new collection of pet accessories and toys for dogs and cats called the Dr. Seuss Pet Fans Collection. The collection was created in partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises. It is based on the book, What Pet Should I Get?. Read more... August 28, 2016

Joy for All Companion Pet Cats from Hasbro

Some seniors would love to have a pet cat but they may not be able to care for a pet or they may not live in a place that allows pets. This is why Hasbro created the Joy for All Companion Pet cat toy. Read more... June 25, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres to Launch Pet Products at PetSmart

Ellen Degeneres will be launching a collection of pet products at PetSmart this fall. The collection is from her lifestyle brand ED through Posh Paws of New York City. Read more... June 21, 2016

PetSmart Launches Secret Life of Pets Products

PetSmart has launched a line of pet products inspired by the upcoming film, The Secret Life of Pets. The animated film from Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures arrives in theaters on July 8, 2015. Read more... June 7, 2016

Unusual Licki Brush Lets Humans Lick Their Cats

PDX Pet Design has an unusual cat brush on Kickstarter. The Licki Brush is designed to let humans lick their cats. Read more... May 30, 2016

Good Stuff Pet Truck Tours U.S.

An unusual looking truck called the Good Stuff Pet Truck is touring the U.S. carrying free dog treats. The retro designed truck features an oversized dog bone. The truck is stopping in American cities this summer. Read more... May 24, 2016

Petco Now Carries 25 Breeds of Tarantulas

Petco has announced that it now carries 25 different tarantula species. They have 12 temperate and 13 tropical speeds. Petco says four of the most popular varieties they offer are the Costa Rican Stripe-Knee, Mexican Curly Hair, Guyana Pink Toe and Rose Hair tarantula. Read more... May 23, 2016

Miley Cyrus Wears Shanti Om Bb Shirt on The Tonight Show

Miley Cyrus wore a custom cat shirt on The Tonight Show. She the wore the white cat shirt underneath a fuzzy pink top. Miley also wore pink striped pants. Even her purple purse looked like a plush toy. Read more... May 19, 2016

FDA Warns Xylitol Sweetener is Toxic to Dogs

The FDA is warning consumers to keep products containing xylitol away from their dogs. The sugar alcohol sweetener is toxic to dogs. The product can be found in chewing gum, mouthwash, sugar-free candy, cough syrup, toothpaste and other products. Read more... May 14, 2016

Miranda Lambert and Petmate Launch MuttNation Pet Collection

Miranda Lambert and Petmate have teamed up to launch the MuttNation Pet Collection. The collected debuted at the Global Pet Expo March 16-18, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. Purchases of the products will help fund rescue and adoption programs of MuttNation Foundation. Miranda established the organization with her mother in 2009. Read more... March 28, 2016

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