Police Officer Barbie in Blue Police Uniform

Posted on October 15, 2012

Barbie Police Officer

The Barbie Police Officer doll was released in 1993. Barbie wears a police uniform with a police officer's cap. The outfit includes a blue tie, belt and black shoes. Barbie's uniform has a number eight badge on each sleeve. Barbie's name can be seen on her shirt. The doll came packaged with a glittery dress so that Barbie could attend the Police Awards Ball, where she is being honored. Barbie is to receive the Best Police Officer Award for serving the community.

The box Barbie Police Officer came in said, "In her glittery evening dress, Police Officer Barbie shines with pride at the Police Awards Ball. Everyone applauds as she receives the Best Police Officer Award for her courageous acts in the community." The box also says Barbie loves to teach safety tips.

Another Police Officer Barbie was sold with a firefighting Ken in the Barbie I Can Be...Police Officer and Firefighter set, see here.

Photos: Mattel
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