President Obama Eats Lunch at Chipotle

Posted on June 23, 2014

President Obama placing order at Chipotle

President Obama ate lunch at Chipotle today. The Chipotle restaurant is located in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The White House video below shows the President and his lunch companions sitting at a table. He is talking about The White House Summit On Working Families.

President Obama was criticized for reaching over the sneeze bar inside the restaurant. The video does not show what President Obama ate at Chiptole. Only cups can be seen at the table. However, plenty of journalists have been reporting and tweeting about what the President ordered. The White House says Obama ordered a burrito bowl. The Huffington Post's Ethan Klapper tweets that Obama appears to have ordered a "burrito bowl with corn and cheese and chicken."

Take a look:

Photo: Pete Souza
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