Rebecca Romijn is the Face of Wella Illumina Hair Color

Posted on December 7, 2012

Rebecca Romijn Wella Illumina

Actress Rebecca Romijn is the face of Wella Professionals' new Illumina hair color product, which will launch in January 2013. Wella says the new product uses its Microlight technology, which it says, "contains millions of micro-particles that encapsulate the tiny metals left on hair, reducing cuticle damage and keeping the surface of the hair cuticle healthier and more transparent, color after color."

Rebecca said in a statement, "To me, it's just as important to maintain the health of my hair as every other part of my body, so I was excited to try Illumina Color. Afterwards, I could immediately see and feel the positive benefits - and it couldn't have come at a better time since my hair was showing the effects of being out in the sun after a family vacation spending a lot of time outdoors. My favorite thing about Illumina Color is that my hair not only feels healthy but it looks gorgeous and luminous."

Photo: P&G Beauty
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