Sage Kotsenburg Featured on Wheaties Box

Posted on February 27, 2014

Sage Kotsenburg on Wheaties Box

Sage Kotsenburg won a gold medal at the Sochi Olympics in the snowboard slopestyle event. Kotsenburg landed a new trick called a 1620 Japan Air, which helped him bring home the gold for the U.S. He was born in Idaho and raised in Park City, Utah. He began snowboarding at age 5. Kotsenburg is featured on a new Wheaties box.

In a statement, Kotsenburg said, "I am humbled to represent America and the sport I love on the Wheaties box. Standing on top of the podium was a huge honor and words canít describe how awesome it feels to join the amazing athletes who have come before me as part of the Wheaties legacy."

In an interview, Kotsenburg says it's "rad" and a "dream come true" being on a Wheaties box. He says it's awesome having the grab he invented pictured on the cereal box. Take a look:

Sage Kotsenburg at his Wheaties box unveiling

Photos: General Mills
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