Samsung and HTC Come Up With Similar Wearable Gloves for April Fool's Joke

Posted on April 1, 2014

Samsung Fingers

Samsung and HTC both came up with wearable gloves as funny fake products for April Fool's Day. Samsung came up with the name Samsung Fingers for its wearable glove product. The palm of the wearable glove acts as your phone and different hand signals can be used to make, accept and reject calls.

HTC calls its new product the HTC Gluuv. HTC's product looks like it could be part of an astronaut's space suit. It has a smartphone embedded on the outside.

THC Gluuv

The fact that both tech companies came up with similar gadgets is interesting. It happens frequently with real gadgets as well. For example, many companies are currently developing smart watches and glasses.

Photos: Samsung (top)/HTC (bottom)
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