Sesame Street Adult Costumes Include Sassy Cookie Monster Costume

Posted on September 14, 2010

Sesame Street Adult Costumes Cookie Monster is selling a Cookie Monster costume targeted at adults instead of kids. The name of the costume is "Sesame Street - Cookie Monster Sassy Female Adult Costume." In the product description they are clearly using sassy in place of sexy. Do we really need sassy Sesame Street costumes? All signs point Here is the description:
She loves her cookies!

Beautiful, blue, and always hungry for a chocolate chip cookie! This sassy Cookie Monster costume will turn heads at your next costume bash. Includes plush blue minidress, character face headband and bright blue knee highs with white bow accents.
She looks ridiculous except for the little Cookie Monster hat. That could actually be cute if it were worn with an entirely different outfit. There are also just as absurd sassy adult Elmo and Big Bird costumes.

Image: BuyCostumes
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