SkinnyEats Launches Line of Salad Dressings

Posted on September 23, 2013

SkinnyEats salad dressings

SkinnyEats has launched a new line of salad dressings. The dressings are available in Blue Cheese, Honey French and Caeser. The dressings are sold in a 3.5-oz (100g) canister at the suggested retail price of $4.49 each. They are sold at Stop & Shop stores.

The company says its dressings are one of the lowest real cream-based dressings on the market. They have 15 calories per serving (2 tablespoons). The dressing is free of trans-fats, artificial colors and has no cholesterol.

SkinnyEats founder Jimmy Lee says, "People try to do the right thing by eating healthier salads and veggies, but then drown them with dressings containing hundreds of unneeded and unwanted calories. We wanted to address better, low calorie eating options with portion- and calorie-control but never at the sacrifice of great taste, and with SkinnyEats we've achieved that."

Photo: SkinnyEats

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