SNL Skit: Lesser Known Bond Girls Starring Daniel Craig, Kate McKinnon and Nasim Pedrad

Posted on October 7, 2012

Daniel Craig hosted Saturday Night Live last night. His opening monologue in which he does an in memoriam segment for all the guys he's killed in the movies is not online yet, which is a shame. Another very funny bit was an ad for the new 50 Years of Bond DVD set which features little known Bond girls. Who knew that Ellen DeGeneres, Diane Keaton, Molly Ringwald, Jodie Foster and Lea Michele were all Bond girls whose scenes got left on the cutting room floor. Kate McKinnon is hilarious as DeGeneres and Foster, as was Fred Armisen as Penny Marshall painted gold waiting for Bond to arrive home after a hard day of killing people. Nasim Pedrad was also very funny as Lea Michele who insisted on singing the computer codes to an irritated Bond. Take a look:

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