SNL Skit: What Up With That? Starring Kenan Thompson and Samuel L. Jackson

Posted on December 17, 2012

SNL Whats Up With That Skit Christmas 2012

Kenan Thompson returns as the exuberant host of BET's What Up With That? for the Christmas spectacular. This week's guests are Samuel L. Jackson, Carrie Browstein from Portlandia, and Lindsey Buckingham (Bill Hader). Kenan was joined by the Running Man (Jason Sudeikis), Jackie Rogers, Jr. (Martin Short), the dancing Santa and the the female Grinch, Grinchina. Jackson ended up dropping the f bomb live on the air, to which Kenan replied "Sam, come on now, that costs money!" Alas, they ran out of time before Linsey could explain the true meaning of Christmas which he learned after six trips to Israel. It's the most ridiculous skit and we always enjoy it.

Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC
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