Stella McCartney Announce Fragrance Deal With Procter & Gamble

Posted on June 14, 2013

The Procter & Gamble Company and Stella McCartney have announced the P&G Prestige has signed a licensing deal with Stella McCartney to manufacture and sell designer fragrance products. P&G will begin developing and marketing fragrances under the Stella McCartney brand name in September 2013. The name of the first fragrance has not yet been revealed.

Stella McCartney said in a statement, "It is just an incredibly exciting time to look at the world of Stella McCartney beauty and to have such an opportunity with such a great partner in P&G Prestige that understands my beliefs. I am incredibly excited to get working and to start a new world of beauty for us. There is so much energy already and we haven't even started, I just feel like we can do really wonderful things and explore the world of beauty, together, as a team."

Stella McCartney's previous fragrances were through L'Oreal. The two companies decided to part ways and not renew their license agreement earlier this year.
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