The Smiler Rollercoaster Contains 14 Loops and Optical Illusions

Posted on June 2, 2013

Alton Towers The Smiler

If you want to be scared and confused then this new roller coaster called The Smiler may be the ride for you. The Smiler, which just opened at the Alton Towers park in Staffordshire, UK, contains a world record 14 loops.

Tom Ibison from Guinness World Records, said in a statement, "Alton Towers Resort has smashed the record with The Smiler's 14 epic inversions - four more than their nearest rival located halfway around the world. We've seen a number of extreme rollercoasters open, but it's so exciting to see such a world class attraction opening here in the UK."

If the loops are not enough, the ride also contains optical illusions, jabbing needles and blinding lights. Take a look:

Photo: Alton Towers
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