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Japanese Cat Blanket Features Plush Cat Face Cushion

This Japanese cat blanket provides both warmth and comfort. The blanket contains a cushion that has a large cute cat face. When you are sitting at a desk or table the cushion will be between your lap and the desk and the cat's big head will look out over the top of your table. Read more... September 19, 2016

ToysRUs Unveils 2016 Holiday Hot Toy List

ToysRUs has revealed its annual list of hot holiday toys. The 2016 Holiday Hot Toy List is comprised of 40 items for all ages from babies to big kids. ToysRUs also revealed its Fabulous 15 list. These are the toys the toy retailer expects to be the very hottest - the most sought-after and anticipated toys of 2016. Read more... September 14, 2016

Freddy Kreuger and Jason Plush Toys for Horror Movie Fans

Now you can finally cuddle up to the villains from some of the most popular horror franchises. Kidrobot has launched Friday the 13th Jason and Freddy Kreuger Phunny plush figures just in time for Halloween. Read more... September 13, 2016

Sugar Goblin Entices Children to Trade Candy for Tricks and Gifts

The Sugar Goblin encourages children to trade in candy for tricks and gifts. The sugar-eating goblin is available as a plush toy and book. The book is written by Crystal and Michael Boyle with illustrations by Darren Cranford. Read more... September 12, 2016

Plush Toys Based on Ugly Blobfish Deep-sea Creature

The ugly Blobfish has been made into different plush toys. The deep-sea fish that lives off the coast of Australia is known as the ugliest creature in the world. Now it is available in a cuddly plush toy form. Read more... September 6, 2016

Walmart Unveils 2016 Top Toys List

Walmart has unveiled its Top Toys list for the 2016 holidays. The Chosen By Kids list is created by polling hundreds of kids to find out what toys they will be including in their letters to Santa. Walmart also announced the return of its layaway program, which opened on September 2nd. Read more... September 3, 2016

Build-A-Bear UK Launches Pokemon Eevee Set

Build-A-Bear UK launched an exclusive Pokemon Eevee plush toy. Thanks to the Pokemon Go craze the plush toy quickly sold out online. Read more... September 1, 2016

South Park and Source3 Launch 3D Printed South Park Characters

South Park and Source3 have launched 3D printed South Park characters to celebrate the 20th season of the series. Source3 says The collection will evolve over the three-year partnership. It will include year-round introductions of new and old characters. Read more... September 1, 2016

Ty Launches Political Teeny Tys Plush Toys

Ty has launched new plush toys called Political Teeny Tys to commemorate the presidential election. The collection features an elephant and a donkey. The elephant has Trump-like hair and the donkey has long eyelashes. Both of the plush toys have USA themed colors. Read more... August 30, 2016

Build-A-Bear Workshop Launches Monster Mixters

Build-A-Bear has launched its new Monster Mixters line of plush toys. There are two monster bodies available at launch. Kids choose the arms, legs and accessories to customize their monster toy. Read more... August 26, 2016

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