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Disney Teases LEGO Disney Frozen Northern Lights Series

Disney has teased a series of LEGO Disney Frozen Northern Lights shorts. The LEGO shorts will air on the Disney Channel starting in November. Read more... July 27, 2016

Cute Plush Loaf of Bread

This is a cute plush loaf of bread. It is called the Bread Plush Pillow Cushion Doll. It is made by a company named Cotton Food. Cotton Food also makes other cute plush food, such as Sushi Pillows. Read more... July 25, 2016

Gund Plush Baby Elephant Toy Has Ears That Flap

Gund has a new plush toy out that has ears that flap. The plush baby elephant is called Flappy the Elephant. The plush toy also plays music. Read more... July 22, 2016

LEGO Launches LEGO City Volcano Explorer Sets

There's a volcano in LEGO City. Fortunately, LEGO City is equipped with men and equipment to explore the volcano. There are six sets total in the LEGO City volcano series. Read more... July 18, 2016

Put a Smile on Your Fridge With Mr. Fridge Smiley Face Magnets

Lots of people like to decorate their refrigerator with magnets. Most refrigerator magnets are small but these huge smiley face magnets are big enough to make your fridge smile. The magnets are part of the Mr. Fridge Smiley Face Magnet Toy Set. Read more... July 13, 2016

Gabby Douglas Honored With Barbie Doll

U.S. Olympic Gold Gymnast Gabby Douglas has been honored with her own Barbie doll. The collection is part of the Barbie Shero collection. Gabby, 20, is heading to Rio this summer to defend her title with the U.S. women's gymnastics team. Read more... July 11, 2016

Ty Launches The Secret Life of Pets Plush Toys

Ty has launched a line of plush toys based on characters in the animated film, The Secret Life of Pets. The film is already a huge hit. It made over $100 million during its opening weekend. Read more... July 11, 2016

Google Announces Project Bloks to Help Kids Learn Coding Fundamentals

Google has announced Project Bloks research project. The project is an open hardware platform designed to help kids learn programming basics. It is a modular system made up of electronic boards and programmable pucks. Read more... July 11, 2016

Disney Launches Monsters, Inc. Mini Tsum Tsum Collection

Disney Store has launched a line of Monsters, Inc. mini plush Tsum Tsum toys. The toys are a new arrival at the Disney Store. The six stackable mini plush toys are 3.5-inches in size. Read more... July 7, 2016

Mezco Toyz Launches Plush Snarf

Mezco Toyz has announced the launch of a Plush Snarf. The new plush toy is a 2016 Comic Cone exclusive. Snarf is a pet and protector of Lion-O in the Thundercats universe. Read more... July 6, 2016

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