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Tourists Visting Irish Island Seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Tourists are reportedly flocking to a small Irish island called Skellig Michael. The island was used in the latest Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of a monastery located on the site. Read more... August 24, 2016

Bottled Water is Top Purchase at Airports

Hudson Group runs nearly 1,000 stores in airports and transportation terminals in North America. They recently released a list of the top ten items sold at airports. Beverages dominated the list taking eight of the ten top spots. Most of these beverages were bottled water. It is good to know travelers are staying hydrated. Read more... August 22, 2016

Belkin Opens First Retail Store at LAX Airport

Belkin has opened its very first brick and mortar retail space in LAX Airport. The store is located in the newly renovated Terminal 6. Belkin is known for its computer, tablet and smartphone accessories including chargers, cases, screen protectors, surge protectors and cables. Chargers are a must-have item for travelers at airports these days so the new Belkin is in exactly the right place to find shoppers. Read more... August 20, 2016

Westfield World Trade Center Mall Opens in Manhattan

The Westfield World Trade Center Mall opened in Manhattan today. The new mall is also dubbed the Oculus mall because it has retail space inside the Oculus transportation hub. The long awaited mall replaces the mall that was destroyed on September 11, 2011. The previous mall - also managed by Westfield - was known as The Mall at the World Trade Center. Read more... August 17, 2016

Pentahotels Adds Rooms Designed to Appeal to Gamers

Pentahotels has added rooms designed to appeal to gamers. Pentahotels has designed the new category of rooms as the PentaPlayerPad. Pentahotels has 28 hotels across seven countries. Read more... August 15, 2016

Trump Taj Mahal to Close After Labor Day Over Workers' Strike

And then there were seven. ABC News reports that after Labor Day there will be only seven casinos left in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Trump Taj Mahal will close after Labor Day because of an inability to reach a deal with the workers' union, which is on strike. The casino was built by Donald Trump, who is the current Republican presidential nominee. Read more... August 3, 2016

CDC Issues Unprecedented Travel Warning Over Zika Virus in Miami

The CDC has issued an unprecedented travel warning. CNN reports that the travel advisory warns pregnant women and their partners to avoid a small area just north of Miami. This area is where mosquitoes have been found to be carrying the Zika virus. CNN says this is the first warning issued by the CDC advising people to avoid a U.S. neighborhood to avoid a disease. Read more... August 2, 2016

Travelers Still Trying to Take Banned Batarangs on Airplanes

Batarangs are not allowed as a carry-on item but people continue to try and take them on planes. They are a TSA prohibited item because the TSA says they resemble a weapon. The TSA has posted several images of confiscated batarangs over the years. The above image was posted last year. Read more... August 1, 2016

TSA Says Mummified Heads Allowed as Carry-on Items

There are many prohibited items on the TSA carry-on list. Surprisingly, mummified heads are okay as long as they are properly packaged, labeled and declared. Read more... July 27, 2016

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Autonomous Future Bus

Mercedes-Benz is one of many automotive companies working on self-driving vehicles. They recently unveiled a self-driving bus called Future Bus. The slick looking city bus is pictured above. Read more... July 19, 2016

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