Unicorn Poop is Marshmallow Candy

Posted on April 3, 2017

Unicorn Poop candy from Smoko

Smoko launched a new product called Unicorn Poop on April 1st. It is marshmallows that are pastel rainbow colored. It seems logical that unicorns would release something edible and tasty unlike other animals because they are magical creatures.

Smoko says it has the happiest free range unicorns. They write on the product listing, "They spend most of their day eating marshmallows and farting rainbows. We guarantee you the freshest unicorn poop you can find on the market."

Sadly, this was an April Fool's joke. Smoko should launch this item for real. In the meantime, we did find actual Unicorn Poop marshmallow candy on Amazon.com. It is sold in large pack counts of 24 packs or 57 packs. There are also Unicorn Poop jelly beans, see here. The overrunning concept is that unicorn poop would be something tasty, like candy.

Unicorn Poop Marshmallow Candy

Photo: Smoko
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