Weird Al Yankovic Spoofs Pharrell's Hit Song Happy

Posted on July 14, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic Tacky music video

Weird Al Yankovic has spoofed Pharrell's hit song "Happy," with a song called "Tacky." Aisha Tyler, Jack Black, Eric Stonestreet, Margaret Cho and Kristen Schaal are some of the stars of the funny "Tacky" music video. The video was shot in the Palace Theater in Los Angeles.

Weird Al has a new album coming out tomorrow called Mandatory Fun, which is a great name for an album. He tweeted that he plans to release 8 videos over the next 8 days. One of his other videos will parody "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke.

NPR interviewed Weird Al about his new album and he told them Cookie Monster is his biggest competition these days. He also says a lot of songs are parodied very quickly these days so he has to look for different angles with this songs. Despite the increased competition, Weird Al still always manages to come up with fresh ideas. Al says he went with the 8 video every day concept because he wants the album's first week to be big. He says, "I wanted a video to go viral for an entire day and have people talking about that video, and then the next day they're talking about a new video."

The "Tacky" video debuted on Nerdist, a change from the common Vevo source. Al thanked Pharrell for the song and says Pharrell is a "cool guy." Pharrell's hit song was nominated for an Oscar and hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The outfits in "Tacky" are hysterical and incredibly vibrant. Aisha kills it in her green, black, white and orange pants and tacky sweater. Kristen has bright pink hands on her strange top. It's impossible not to laugh at Jack Black's strange intense dance. Some of the things considered tacky in the song include putting photos of all your meals on Instragram, glitter Uggs, Crocs with pink sequins, printing your resume in Comic Sans and live-tweeting a funeral. Take a look:

Photo: Weird Al Yankovic/RCA

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