White House Renovation Will Cost $376 Million and Take Four Years

Posted on September 11, 2010

It's something many homeowners have had to live through: getting the plumbing replaced. The front yard gets torn up, it's loud and it take a long time. President and Mrs. Obama just joined the ranks of those homeowners. The White House pipes were built in 1902 and much of the wiring dates to the 1930s. The lights in the White House flicker on and off and there have been water leaks and phone outages.

The renovation has begun and will involved replacing pipes, wiring and other items. It will cost $376 million and will take four years. The White House lawn has already been dug up -- it looks awful. But we can't have the White House with a gas leak or power failures, so it's something that has to be done: it was approved by Congress based on a report by President Bush about how the East and West Wings basically are becoming nonfunctional. The reason the whole thing is expensive is because the pipes and wires are all underground.

Because the Obamas have children that need to get to sleep at night, the work is limited to daylight hours. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux reports:

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