Will.i.am to Launch Smartwatch in July

Posted on April 6, 2014

Will.i.am introduced his new smartwatch on a show called Alan Carr: Chatty Man. Smartwatches are a hot new category, but the tech media was unaware of this smartwatch before Will.i.am introduced it. Will.i.am says the sleek black watch can play music through Bluetooth, make phone calls, tweet and more. He says you don't need a smartphone or tablet to use it. The watch is the phone. He also says he started the company that makes it.

Will.i.am tells Alan Carr, "I started the company myself. I funded it, used my own money to develop it."

Will.i.am. doesn't say the name of the company. Carr asks Will.i.am, "But does it tell the time though?" Will.i.am laughs and the clip cuts out before we get the answer, which was likely yes. Take a look:

Engadget reports that Will.i.am tweeted to Chattyman that the phone will debut in July.
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