Wonka to Launch Randoms Gummy Candy

Posted on June 26, 2014

Wonka Randoms candy

Wonka is launching a new gummy candy called Randoms. The bag of assorted candy contains different 70 different shapes of gummy candy. The candy will cost $3.49 for a 10-ounce bag, $1.89 for a 5.25-ounce bag and $1.69 for a 4-ounce pack

The candy also features seven different flavors and three different textures. The textures are traditional gummy, jam-filled gummy and a dual-layered gummy with a whipped marshmallow back.

Josh Breeding as Mr. Random in Wonka commercials

Wonka will promote Randoms in commercials with a character named Mr. Random. Mr. Random is played by actor Josh Breeding. Take a look:

Photos: Wonka/Casey Rodgers
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