Yo Sushi Restaurant Uses Quadrotors to Deliver Sushi

Posted on June 10, 2013

The YO Sushi restaurant in London is using quadrotors - small flying drones - to deliver sushi. Yo Sushi calls it the iTray, and says it is the world's first flying tray. YO! Sushi calls it the first flying tray. Yo Sushi is using the small flying drones to promote its latest menu offering, the Yo! Burger, which uses rice instead of bread for the bun. The quadrotors contain small cameras so Yo Sushi staff can monitor them on a tablet and make sure orders get delivered to customers. Take a look:

The drones appeared to be flying fairly smoothly in this video, but The Guardian reports that staff at the restaurant have not had an easy time piloting the flying trays. It looks like it would be a fun experience providing your sushi eventually makes it to your table.
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