15-Year-Old Wins $50,000 Texting Prize

Posted on June 17, 2009

LG US National Texting Championship

CNN reports that 15-year-old Kate Moore of Des Moines, Iowa won the $50,000 grand prize at the L.G. National Texting Championship in New York on Tuesday. It's probably no surprise to parents that a teenager won the competition.
Over 250,000 participants of all ages entered the competition, whose championship rounds were held in New York on Monday and Tuesday and won by Kate Moore of Des Moines, Iowa.

Some challenges were straightforward tests of speed and accuracy, but others required a little extra texting savvy. In one round, texters had to send texts while blindfolded. Another round quizzed contestants' knowledge of texting acronyms.
The was one acronym that stumps all the texters. It was PAW, which stands for "parents are watching."

CNN also did a text interview with Katy Moore. She told them she texts about 400-500 times a day. Katy said, "It feels the best! Im so prd of myself & it feels aswm that ive gottn so far! :)"

As far as how many texts she sends Katy says, "Uhhh about lyk 400-500 in a day, an avrg of 12014 thousand a month?"
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