18K Atlas Gold Charm Bracelet from Tiffany's

Posted on March 31, 2005

Tiffany Atlas Charm Bracelet

There's nothing like perusing the Tiffany's Spring catalogue with one's morning coffee to get a girl all worked up. We vaguely remember seeing this bracelet around New Year's, but suddenly we can't stop thinking about it. The Atlas line has been an excellent seller for Tiffany's and it keeps growing and expanding. But this 18k gold charm bracelet with the little roman numerals really thrills us (it comes in either white or yellow gold for $1,850.)

One hopes they'll do one in sterling silver or 14k soon--18k gold is soft and we'd be horrified if we dented our charm bracelet while gesticulating wildly. And perhaps, if asked nicely, they'd agree to lengthen the chain from 6.75" to a standard 7.5". Yes, we're picky. And we do love Tiffany's.

Photo: Tiffany

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