1980s Pop Culture Icons Return in RadioShack Super Bowl Ad

Posted on February 3, 2014

80s stars in RadioShack Super Bowl Ad

1980s pop culture icons return in the RadioShack Super Bowl ad. Some of the 80s stars in the ad include Twisted Sister, Mary Lou Retton, Kid 'n' Play, Hulk Hogan, Chucky, Q*Bert, John Ratzenberger as Cliff, Erik Estrada as Poncho, Alf and even Bubo from Clash of the Titans. The stars from the 80s visit an old RadioShack store to get their outdated 80s era technology. A new updated RadioShack appears in place of the old store once the outdated tech is removed.

Jennifer Warren, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at RadioShack, said in a statement, "We have spent months talking to consumers about their perceptions of RadioShack and what they want in a shopping experience. Our Super Bowl commercial allows us to show customers that we are listening to them as we reposition the brand."

The ad showcases the layout of the new generation of RadioShack stores which began last year with the company's new Manhattan location. Take a look:

Twisted Sister and Mary Lou Retton in RadioShack Super Bowl Ad

Photos: RadioShack Corporation