30% of Young Adults Using Netflix Instead of Cable or Satellite

Posted on September 24, 2010

NetflixCNBC reports that a new survey from Credit Suisse has found that over one third of young Netflix subscribers, aged 25 to 34, have dropped their cable or satellite subscription.
Analysts there found that 30 percent of Netflix subscribers aged 25 to 34 substitute Netflix for pay television. Almost 30 percent of users between 18 and 24 are using Netflix's streaming service instead of cable or satellite. The Credit Suisse survey was of about 250 Netflix subscribers.
250 people is a small sample, but it is enough to suggest a trend that young people may be adopting in the face of growing cable bills. Cable bills also have fees attached to them that add 10% or more to the bill. Some Netflix users clearly prefer to pay for only the content they intend to watch.
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