3D Systems Demonstrates Cube, $1,300 Personal 3D Printer

Posted on April 2, 2012

Cubify 3D Printer

The CEO of 3D Systems Corp demonstrated Cube, a personal 3D printer, which can print plastic 3D objects like toys, shoes, prosthetics and more on a CNN segment. The printer costs $1,299. The different colored Cube Cartridges (which you need to print objects) cost $49.99 for 1 cartridge or $219.99 for 5 cartridges. The cartridges are available in ten different colors. As with ink on paper printers, the cartridges are going to ultimately be the biggest expense with these 3D printing machines.

Abraham Reichental, CEO and president of 3D Systems Corp, says, "If you can dream it, you can think it, you can print it."

Reichental compared the 3D printing process to adding layers when you decorate a cake. He had his company's Cube machines busy printing a 3D CNN logo during the segment. The Cube machines also printed shoes, toys, ears, Nano holders and more. They also printed a miniature bust of CNN anchor Randi Kaye. Take a look:

Photo: 3D Systems Corp