A Rose By Any Other Color

Posted on February 12, 2007

Photo of dozen red roses What does the color of the roses you get for Valentine's Day say about the intentions of the sender? Here is the complicated Rosetta Stone of rose colors:
Red -- The red rose tells your valentine without a doubt, "I love you." A vibrant and dramatic color, it stands for romance and passion. It's the perfect choice for your true love, the love of a lifetime or someone you want to get the message it's time to "get serious."

White -- Tells your angel of a valentine that they're simply "heavenly," and is a great color for the romantic in your life! White roses also stand for innocence, which makes it a perfect color choice for dads to give daughters.

Red & White Together -- By themselves these red and white roses are gorgeous, but together, they symbolize unity. What a great surprise for the newlywed valentine, loving partner or to send to your parents to say "Thanks for being such a great symbol of love through the years!"

Pink -- Send deep pink roses and you're telling that someone special you appreciate their sense of grace, style and their gentle nature. Send them light pink roses and you're saying "I really admire you!" This rose color is just the right pick to send to someone you want to become your special valentine and sign the card, "Love, your secret admirer."

Yellow -- Could there be any other color but bright, sunny yellow to symbolize friendship, affection and joy? Send your best friend a bunch of these stunning blooms with a card that says, "You'll be my best friend forever!"
It's get more complicated: Coral means passion, Dark Burgundy means he thinks you're gorgeous and shy and Violet roses mean it was love at first site. But before you get out your secret decoder ring and study that Valentine's bouquet, consider this: in all our years of observing the male of the species we have yet to meet one who was aware of the fact that the color of the roses had any kind of meaning at all. So, remember: if a clueless man gives you yellow, it may mean true love and violet may mean that the roses are really for your male roomate. You just never know. Unless he's a florist, of course.

(Red roses bouquet from 1-800-flowers.com)