A Snood by Any Other Name

Posted on November 15, 2009

Photo of a Burberry Snood

The snood is back in a big way. The Wall Street Journal even asks "Can the snood save Christmas?" That is perhaps going a bit too far, but there is no question that the snood has made a resurgence among trendsetters, such as Lady Gaga. The WSJ says the snood trend arrived on the Fall 2009 fashion runways of Missoni and Burberry. A Burberry snood is pictured above. Burberry's Christopher Bailey put a snood on many models during his men's and women's fashion shows.

It may be a smoking hot item, but retailers despise the name "snood" which Rachel Dodes of the Wall Street Journal says sounds more like a Dr. Suess character than a fashion accessory. That is why American Apparel calls them "circle scarves" (which sounds ridiculous) and Banana Republic calls them "infinity scarves" (better, but still weird). Burberry says the term snood is very British and they're sticking with it.

We say: embrace the term snood, which to us has a fun, retro feel. Pictured is a fabulous cashmere Burberry snood which retails for $295. It is available at Net-a-porter.com.

Photo: Burberry