Actress and Singer Zendaya Named Brand Advocate for X Out

Posted on February 3, 2014

Zendaya is the brand advocate for X Out

Zendaya, star of Disney's Shake It Up!, has been named the face of X Out, an acne treatment with 8.5% benzoyl peroxide and smooth beads from the makers of Proactiv. She will appear in TV and online campaigns for the brand throughout 2014. Zendaya is also a singer and dancer. The young Disney star even has a book deal in place.

Zendaya started using the X Out treatment after experiencing breakouts on her back and shoulders while appearing on Dancing With the Stars.

Zendaya says, "X Out is so easy to use! I can quickly wash my face and body and know that all of that good-for-you medicine will do its job so I can focus on my passions instead of being self-conscious about how my skin looks. X Out has helped me keep up my confidence and I know it can help anyone who would rather have fun than worry about blemishes. If you want clear, seriously good-looking skin, X Out is for you."

Photo: Zendaya