Adorable Video: Two Corgis on a Treadmill

Posted on August 27, 2010

This video of two Corgis walking together on a treadmill is just too adorable. Even more adorable is the fact that the cute dogs share the treadmill with each other.

The owners of the Corgis write in the video, "Lily's brother Charlie decides that he wants to be on the treadmill, too. Except, Lily doesn't want to give up her space, so now they share! Good thing, too, because all this snow makes it hard to take them on a walk."

There appears to a third dog wanting to get in on the treadmill action near the end of the clip. We are glad Lily and Charlie are staying in shape. It is also nice that they share as there is enough room for two Corgis. They seem perfectly in sync with each other on the treadmill and they look quite pleased with themselves. Take a look:

There is also a video here of Lily using the treadmill by herself when she was 8 months old.