Alexander McQueen and Nick Knight Created Puma's ManCat

Posted on April 4, 2009

Alexander McQueen ManCat

Alexander McQueen ManCat ToothYou are probably aware of the partnership between fashion designer Alexander McQueen and Puma but you may not be aware of the origins of ManCat. Alexander McQueen and fashion photographer Nick Knight came up with the awesome ManCat concept pictured above as a symbol for the partnership. The ManCat acts as the creative reference for the project. Puma says it is the "physical metamorphosis that symbolized the collaboration." The ManCat tooth, a feline fang morphed with a human tooth's root, is the visual logo for the Alexander McQueen Puma brand.

Puma originally partnered for footwear but will be expanding the line this Fall to include clothing and accessories. The Ghost promotional teaser for the Fall clothing line was released in January.

Just Luxe reports that each shoe in the 2009 Spring/Summer collection features a ManCat tooth.

Alexander McQueen Puma Shoes

Photos: Puma