Alyssa Milano Joins Atkins as Spokesperson

Posted on October 20, 2015

Alyssa Milano Atkins spokesperson

Alyssa Milano has joined Atkins as a spokesperson for the brand. She is also contributing articles on the Atkins site.

Alyssa says in the announcement, "I'm on a journey to become my best, healthiest self, and as a busy mother of two, that means finding a lifestyle that works for me and is easy. I did my research and found that the compelling science behind Atkins shows it not only helps you lose weight, but improves health too. Cutting carbs and sugar has already made me feel better, and I don't have to give up my favorite foods because Atkins offers great low-carb options. I'm excited to share my story with people and learn from them too, in the hope that together we can find a better path to wellness with Atkins."

Alyssa is also contributing articles on the Atkins site. You can find her profile here. She says her favorite Atkins food is Pecan Caramel Clusters. Her tips for success are "eat slowly, savor and enjoy food!" She her children are her motivation. Her latest entry on the site talks about why our dietary guidelines need to change.

Photo: Atkins