Alyssa Milano Launches Touch Boutique at Citi Field

Posted on April 19, 2009

Alyssa Milano Touch Boutique

Alyssa Milano was at Citi Field in New York yesterday to launch the first boutique for her sports clothing line for women called Touch. She looks great wearing a shirt from the Touch line. On Twitter, Alyssa wrote, "To think, only 4 yrs ago this was just an idea. I am appreciative to all the lady baseball fans that have brought touch to life."

Alyssa says it was intimidating at first to approach MLB with a women's clothing line. She had to pitch 10 guys all over age 50. She told Sporting News it made interviews with Hollywood bigwigs seem easy. Alyssa says, "It was a very intimidating to actually come in and meet with MLB. These 10 guys in suits, all over 50, and I'm trying to pitch a women's clothing line?"

Alyssa Milano's Touch line is also sold on the MLB shop and in many sporting good stores. You can see more about it here on her website. She managed to get the domain. Here's a photo of Alyssa modeling one of the shirts from her 2009 Touch line.

Alyssa Milano Touch

Photo: Alyssa Milano