Alyssa Milano Stars in Romantically Challenged

Posted on March 28, 2010

Alyssa Milano in Romantically Challenged

Alyssa Milano is starring in a new ABC sitcom called Romantically Challenged. The series will debut on April 12th. The series follows four friends seeking to find love and happiness. The series stars Alyssa Milano as Rebecca Thomas, Kyle Bornheimer as Perry Gill, Josh Lawson as Shawn Goldwater and Kelly Stables as Lisa Thomas.

Alyssa's character Rebecca is described as smart and beautiful. She is recently divorced after being married for 15 years. She never really dated before marriage so she is totally new to dating. Here is a description of the other three characters, her two friends and baby sister:
Perry is Rebecca's best friend since childhood. He is a rugged man's man and a tremendously successful financial planner - but also one of Pittsburgh's most sensitive hopeless romantics. When it comes to matters of the heart, Perry is a romance-aholic who falls in love with women 20 minutes after meeting them. After 40 minutes, he's already naming their future children.

A struggling novelist, the witty and affable Shawn has been Perry's best friend and rent-free roommate for six years. Shawn is the emotionally unavailable cynic to Perry's hopeless romantic. He has never had a relationship more serious than a three-night stand - and even those send him running for the door.

Rounding out the group is Rebecca's petite, baby sister, Lisa. Behind her deceptively sweet appearance is a sassy pit bull ready to protect her older sister. Although a nurturing kindergarten teacher, she has a wild side too, and sees a "threesome" as "second base."
Romantically Challenged was created by Ricky Blitt (Family Guy) and executive produced by Ricky Blitt and James Burrows.

Romantically Challenged

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