Amazon Plans to Build Giant Biosphere Structures in Seattle

Posted on May 28, 2013

Amazon's planned Seattle Sphers

The Seattle Times is reporting that Amazon is planning to build three glass and steel spheres in Seattle. The biospheres would be 80 to 95 feet high and the biggest would have a diameter of 130 feet. Each structure could provides 65,000 square feet of work space. The unusual office space is nicknamed Rufus 2.0.

The structures, resembling giant greenhouses, could also contain large trees. The Seattle Times says the spheres would contain plants that thrive in temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees. The temperature and humidity in the buildings could be adjusted at night to make ideal conditions for the plants and trees.

The complete details of Rufus 2.0 are revealed in a PDF File from a Design Review Board meeting. Architecture firm NBBJ would build the complex.

Amazon's planned Seattle Spheres - the Rufus 2.0 project

Amazon's biospheres in Seattle at night

Images: NBBJ