Amazon Reportedly Inviting Etsy Sellers to Upcoming Handmade Marketplace

Posted on May 24, 2015

Amazon is going to be launching a marketplace called Handmade in the near future. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has sent an invite to Etsy sellers about an upcoming marketplace for handcrafted-goods.

The Wall Street Journal says the email says, "We're offering artisans like you a first peek at Handmade, a new marketplace for handcrafted goods." The email provided no details about when Amazon's Handmade section will launch. However, Amazon would clearly like Etsy sellers to list products in it when it does launch.

Etsy recently went public. The IPO debuted at $31 a shares have fallen below the $20 mark in recent days.

Listing with Amazon could expose Etsy sellers to a huge market. The WSJ story says Amazon will probably take a bigger cut than the 3.5% commission and 20-cent listing fee on Etsy. Amazon charges a 15% fee to sellers on many categories. It is not yet know what Amazon will offer sellers in its Handmade store.

At least one Etsy seller, Dar Garfield at SheekyDoodle, is considering giving it a go. She told the Wall Street Journal, "Amazon has such huge traffic numbers on their website already, it's pretty appealing. I am probably going to do it."

Sellers of handmade products will likely try out Amazon but they aren't likely to remove their Etsy site. Many sellers will probably use both Amazon and Etsy.