American Apparel to Launch eBay Store

Posted on July 27, 2011

The struggling clothing retailer American Apparel has partnered with eBay in an attempt to find a way to boost sales. Reuters says American Apparel will open an eBay store in September that will include hoodies and t-shirts.

The company needs a sales boost. Upstart says American Apparel nearly filed backruptcy in April. The Cut says American Apparel expects they will make several million dollars in sales from the eBay deal in the first year. The deal could be a good one for eBay. If they are able to help American Apparel increase sales then more retailers might want to set up shop on eBay.

Internet Retailer says eBay will process the orders in American Apparel's eBay store and American Apparel will fulfill them from its Los Angeles factory. The method is similar to how Amazon handles a lot of third party transactions.
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