American Greetings Launches Interactive Ready, Set, Blow Birthday Card Line

Posted on March 27, 2011

American Greetings LogoAmerican Greetings Corporation has launched a card line called Ready, Set, Blow. The card line features cards that are activated when the recipient blows on them.

Upon opening, the recipient is prompted to blow on the card. A special sensor is activated and the festive scene on the card comes to life with LED lights and a birthday song or sound. American Greetings says the in each card, a breath of air extinguishes birthday candles, activates horns and lights, or recreates a childhood wish on a dandelion.

Carol Miller, executive director of new product concepts at American Greetings, says, "Ready, Set, Blow lets people experience the birthday tradition of wishing in an innovative new way. It's so much fun to see someone receive these cards because you get to watch their surprise as they open it and then their smile unfold as the card comes to life-and hopefully, their wish granted!"
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