Andre Agassi Induced into International Tennis Hall of Fame

Posted on July 10, 2011

Winner of eight Grand Slam singles titles, Andre Agassi was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame Saturday. Andre was joined by wife Steffi Graf. She is also in the Tennis Hall of fame; she was inducted in 1994.

In his speech, Andre talked about his love for tennis which he says he came to late in life. Many were shocked when he wrote in his autobiography how much he hated tennis because he was pushed so hard to win by his father. But he later grew to love the sport, and said it gave him everything he has now. In a very moving speech, he talked about the lessons he has learned along the way and the people who had helped him achieve his dreams, including his father and Nelson Mandela.

Andre recounted a meeting he had once with the former South African president. Mandela told Andre, "You must live carefully."

"I didn't always live carefully," said Andre. I didn't always pay tennis the respect it deserved. I didn't know myself, and I didn't realise that my troubles were of my own making." Here's a brief excerpt from the ceremony in which Andre jokingly asks "Am in in yet?" :