Anna Wintour Talks Fashion's Night Out Success

Posted on September 15, 2010

CBS News anchor Erica Hill spoke with Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour about this year's successful Fashion's Night Out event. This was the second year for Fashion Night's Out. It was a huge event with packed stores in New York City. Over 100 cities around the world also participated in FNO this year.

Anna Wintour says, "We were thrilled. It was already a huge success last year. Last year we were really running a campaign with an unknown candidate. And this year we had the incumbent on our side, so at least we were talking about an event that people knew what it was. They were excited about it and they turned out in droves."

Anna Wintour said everyone got behind it this year and held fantastic events in their stores. Anna said, "If you walked through the streets, as I did, of New York on Friday, everbody was dressed up, they were having fun, but most importantly they were shopping." We know Anna Wintour made many stops Friday night during FNO. Take a look: