Antique Doll Sells for $300,000 in Record Auction

Posted on April 3, 2014

French character doll by sculptor Albert Marque

This antique French character doll sold for $300,000 and set an auction record. The doll was created in 1916 by sculptor Albert Marque. The auction was held by Theriault's, a specialty auction house for antique childhood items. The doll was part of an auction of nearly 1,000 pieces. The items has been at the Puppenmuseum Stein am Rhein, a doll museum located in a small Switzerland village.

The Albert Marque wears an original signed costume. It was inscribed as #27 of 100 models known to have been made. Theriault's says the doll is believed to have been first presented in 1961 at an exhibit at the boutique of Margaine-Lacroix in Paris.

Stuart Holbrook, President of Theriault's, says in a statement, "The Albert Marque bebe has long been considered the most coveted doll in the world by collectors. It is for good reason in that this renowned art doll blends every essential characteristic of greatness: rarity, artistic provenance, fashion, romance, and, most importantly, unparalleled beauty."

Photo: Theriault's