Apple and Hermes Partner for Apple Watch Styles

Posted on October 7, 2015

Apple Watch Hermes with Double Tour band

When Apple debuted its Apple Watch it offered a high-end version of the watch, called Watch Edition, that includes eight models that range in price from $10,000 to $17,000. In another move to appeal to upscale consumers Apple has partnered with Hermes to offer a collection of watches with Hermes leather bands called Apple Watch Hermes.

The watches in this collection all feature finely crafted leather bands from Hermes. The styles include the Single Tour, Double Tour and Cuff. The Hermes bands have been paired with the Apple Watch in stainless steel.

Apple's chief design office Jonathan Ive says in a statement, "Apple and Herm├Ęs make very different products, but they reflect the deep appreciation of quality design. Both companies are motivated by a sincere pursuit of excellence and the desire to create something that is not compromised. Apple Watch Hermes is a true testament to that belief."

The collection went on sale in most Apple and Hermes stores on October 5. The Apple Watch Hermes line starts at $1,100 for the 38 mm stainless steel case with the Single Tour. Other pricing includes $1,150 for the 42 mm stainless steel case with Single Tour, $1,250 for the 38 mm stainless steel case with Double Tour and $1,500 for a 42 mm stainless steel case with the Cuff.

The Double Tour band design is pictured above. The bands are also available in dark brown, red and blue colors. You can find all the designs available here on

Apple Watch Hermes with colored leather bands

Photos: Apple