April Fool's Day: Duolingo Pillow Helps You Master an Entire Language While You Sleep

Posted on April 1, 2016

Duolingo Pillow

Here is an April Fool's Day product we wish were a reality. The Duolingo Pillow enables you to master an entire language overnight. There are Spanish, French and Italian versions of the pillow.

The company says synthetic fibers in the pillow encourage development in the cerebral cortex, which improves language retention. An algorithm uses Morse code to ubtly teach your brain new language vocabulary and concepts. In addition the pillows transmit audio samples that teach you pronunciation using high frequency sounds.

The company says in the pillow release, "Trust us, it's science." It would be amazing if true. The release also says a Japanese language pillow is coming in 2039. Duolingo is a company that offers apps for learning languages.

Photo: Duolingo