April Fool's Day: Wayback Burgers Launches Cheeeesy Gold Milkshake

Posted on April 1, 2016

Wayback Burgers Cheesy Gold Milkshake

Wayback Burgers has introduced the Cheeeesy Gold Milkshake for April 1st. Yes, it is made with Cheese Whiz. The cheese whiz is mixed with fresh milk and vanilla bean ice cream. It does not come with a straw. Instead you dip Wayback's chips in it.

Wayback Burgers says on its Facebook page that this is "No April Fools joke" but it has to be. Who would order a cheese milkshake? A user told Wayback that it looks disgusting and Wayback replied "But it tastes so good when you dip our house-made chips into that cheese whiz!"

Photo: Wayback Burgers