April Fool's: Domino's Invents Edible Pizza Box

Posted on April 1, 2014

Dominos Edibox

Domino's has announced the invention of an edible pizza box. They are calling it the Edibox. The box is made out of pizza crust. Domino's says it is a "world first in snacking innovation."

Domino's says in the announcement, "So here's the story behind the box: we found out recently, through conducting customer surveys, that the crust is overwhelmingly the most popular part of the pizza experience, and also that the majority of Domino's devotees crave extra crust once they've finished their meal. These findings, along with our love of surprising people and pushing boundaries, led us to the Edibox. With every future Domino's delivery, you'll see the Edibox upgrade option: double the dough to enjoy alongside double the glorious garlic and herb dip."

Photo: Domino's