Arbor Cube Launches iBuku Pets

Posted on February 10, 2012

iBuku Pets

Arbor Cube will launch its iBuku Pets at the 2012 Toy Fair. iBuKu Pets feature a soft body that will expand to house a smartphone or iPod Touch. iBuKu Pets also come with applications the enable iBuku to serve as a nightlight, alarm clock, wireless battery charger, video camera, music player and educational toy.

Arbor Cube co-founder Simon Channey says, "As parents ourselves, we know that kids today love technology and this is a great way to let them safely play with a phone that otherwise could have wound up in a landfill. And with all the educational apps out there and our plans for educational add-ons, we are excited to harness that interest so kids have the chance to learn in a fun and unique way."

The product is expected to ship in spring 2012.

Photo: Arbor Cube