Ariana Grande to Launch Collection With Lipsy London

Posted on February 16, 2016

Ariana Grande Lipsy dress

Ariana Grande will be launching a collection with Lipsy London. Lipsy says it will launch a 20+ piece Ariana Grande for Lipsy Collection in Spring 2016. They are also already planning a second collection that will be released this summer. The young popstar and actress will also have a jewelry collection with Lipsy.

Ariana and Lipsy have teased one colorful floral print dress from the collection in a photograph that shows Ariana surrounded by balloons. Lipsy says the collection will feature daywear dresses, a prom collection and party dresses. The company says the daytime looks have a "strong retro 'Riviera' feel." The jewelry will include heart charms and pieces with crystal pave and frosted finishes. The clothing prices will start at $50 for dresses and around $45 for tops. The jewelry will start at around $8.50.

Ariana says in a statement, "It's so great getting to collaborate with Lipsy to do something special for my fans. The line is youthful, affordable and I know my fans will love it."

Lipsy is very excited about the collection. They currently have a countdown clock on counting down the time to the second until the collection launches on March 2nd.

Ariana also has an album coming out soon. It was initially going to be called Moonlight but Ariana revealed on Jimmy Kimmy Live that she may be thinking of another title for the album.

Photo: Lipsy