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National Average Gas Price Nearing $3 a Gallon
Gas prices normally fall this time of year, but they are climbing this holiday season. (2010-12-06)

Gas Prices Start Climbing Again
The first part of the summer driving season did not resulted in rising gas prices for commuters and travelers. (2010-06-21)

Gas Prices Falling During Peak Driving Season
Gas prices are heading in the opposite direction of the way they generally trend aroud Memorial Day. (2010-05-29)

Gulf Oil Spill Could Lead to Higher Prices for Gas, Seafood and Other Products
CBS News' financial correspondent Rebecca Jarvis talks about the impact of the Gulf oil spill on gas and seafood prices. (2010-05-04)

Oil Prices Soared 78% Last Year
CNN reports that oil neared $80 a barrel as the year came to an end. (2010-01-01)

Rising Gas Prices Could Threaten Recovery
Gas prices are rising at a time of year when they normally fall. (2009-11-01)

Gas Prices Climb Nearly 18 Cents in Two Weeks
This is the wrong time of the year for gas prices to be climbing. (2009-10-25)

Gas Prices Fall Slightly as Fourth of July Approaches
The AAA's Fuel Gauge Report indicates that gas prices have fallen about five cents in the past week. (2009-06-29)

Gas Prices Keep Climbing, Highest Prices in Midwest
The New York Times reports that gas prices have climbed 41 days straight to a new national average of $2. (2009-06-09)

Gas Prices Up 25 Cents in Past Three Weeks
Reuters reports that the Lundberg survey released Sunday reports a 25 cent jump in gas prices over that past three weeks. (2009-05-17)

Gas Prices Climbing Again
This graph from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that gas prices are climbing again. (2009-05-11)

Gas Prices Climb Ten Cents in Past Week
Gas prices are still over a $1. (2009-04-12)

Gas Prices Climb Slowly Upward as Refiners Scale Back
Oil prices have been falling but gas prices have been climbing slightly over the past few weeks. (2009-02-16)

Gas Prices Up 15% Since Start of Year
Gas prices are starting to climb again after months of slowly falling. (2009-01-25)

Federal Commission to Call For Gas Tax Increase
A federal commission created by Congress is planning on calling for a 50% increase in gas taxes. (2009-01-02)

Gas Prices Fall to Five-Year Low
Gas prices have fallen to a five-year low. (2008-12-28)

Gas Prices Hit Five-Year Low
CNN reports that gas prices have hit a five-year low after falling for seven straight days. (2008-12-27)

Gas Prices Dip Below $2
CNN reports that gas prices have fallen below the $2 a gallon mark according to the Lundberg Survey. (2008-11-23)

Is America's Love Affair With Cars Ending?
Are Americans falling out of love with their cars? All signs point to yes. (2008-07-26)

$4 Gas Just Tip of the Iceberg?
Consumers only recently got used to seeing the $3 mark at the pump. (2008-05-22)