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Here are the latest posts about SUVs on Shoppers Shop:

Mercedes-Benz Shows Off 2013 G-Class SUV at New York Fashion Week
Mercedes-Benz showed off its new black 2013 G-Class SUV at New York Fashion Week. (2012-09-11)

Bentley Reveals Luxury SUV Concept, EXP 9 F at Geneva Motor Show
Bentley unveiled the EXP 9 F, an all-wheel drive luxury SUV concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show. (2012-03-13)

Porsche Unveils Porsche Macan Sketch
Porsche has announced the name Macan for its upcoming compact SUV. (2012-02-25)

Sales of Small Cars Cool as Gas Prices Fall
USA Today reports that small cars aren't as hot as they were gas prices were higher. (2009-09-19)

  • Buyer's Remorse For Downsizing Car Owners
    The Wall Street Journal reports that many consumers who got rid of their SUVs and traded down to a smaller car are regretting the choice. (2008-11-07)

  • Some SUVs Still Hot Despite Gas Prices
    Not everyone is rushing to buy a new hybrid. (2006-05-17)

  • Congressional Leaders in Search of Armored Hybrid
    A Raw Story article says the AP photographed Dennis Hastert (R-IL), the Speaker of the House, swapping his hydrogen hybrid for a black SUV right after a photo op. (2006-05-04)

  • Mercedes-Benz Auctioning Off Rolling Stones SUV
    Mercedes-Benz USA is auctioning off an exclusive Rolling Stones Edition R-Class and Fender Telecaster guitar, signed by the Rolling Stones, on eBay from April 10-20, 2006. (2006-03-16)

  • Study: SUVs Don't Make Kids Safer Than Cars
    A new study disputes the idea that heavier SUVs are safer for kids than cars. (2006-01-03)

  • Some Governors Parking Their SUVs for Green Vehicles
    Several Governors that are parking their SUVs to encourage conservation. (2005-10-11)

  • The Horror of the Porsche SUV
    It has finally come to our attention that Porsche has succeeded in its misguided quest to get into the luxury SUV business which Lexus, Range Rover, Cadillac and BMW are cleaning up on. (2005-04-29)

  • New Bentley Convertible and SUV on the Way
    Inside Line reports on Edmunds that the The Bentley Arnage Drophead Coupe (pictured on right), which was popular at the L. (2005-04-21)

  • Soaring Gas Prices Boosts Demand For Hybrids
    Gas prices are rising and there is no end in sight as a combination of increased consumption by China and other developing nations, the possibility of a real fuel shortage within decades and the threat of terrorist attacks force prices upward. (2004-05-20)

  • Technology Available to Stop SUV Rollovers
    In 2002 SUV rollover accidents caused a staggering 10,000 deaths. (2003-10-22)

  • Cadillac Escalade SUV Is Top Thief Target
    The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) has filed a report on its latest insurance claim theft study. (2003-08-22)